Hi, I'm Jessica 

To me writing is fun! Researching new topics, creating engaging words for cool designs, it’s all a blast if you ask me. However, what’s not so fun is writing about myself. Somehow I’m always stumped over what to write about the one topic I’ve known about my whole life. So to sum it up, I love to write and to read and am lucky enough to do both everyday.


As a contributing writer for different outlets I develop original concepts and write articles tailored to the tone of the site. I am also a copywriter, creating inspiring copy for brands, retailers and advertisers. Words can be powerful and creative, so no matter what I am writing I aim to make an impact. To be intriguing but not convoluted.


Work aside, I spend as much time as possible catching up on books, collecting magazines and scouring the interweb for cool reads. I grew up on the east coast and genuinely embody the “East Coast, Beast Coast” mantra, though I do love my frequent visits out west. As for interests, I love a good glass of wine. Just please don’t ask me to choose one varietal because I love them all and may actually implode if I had to choose.

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